Learn Brazilian Portuguese and choose how you would like to do it. Brasilidade na Gringa offers different classes formats to different age groups. Choose the one that is most suitable for you.

  • Online classes
  • Face-to-face classes (BNG is based in Reading, Berkshire, UK)
  • Brazilian Portuguese classes for adults
  • Portuguese as a Heritage Language for kids (Português como Língua de Herança)

The online classes are 1-to-1 classes and happen through Zoom and Whatsapp, alternating the focus of what skills are being practised, if either pronunciation or writing.

The face-to-face classes can be 1-to-1 or in groups, if you would like to study with a friend or relative.

Your first class will be free!

At the moment, it costs £10 per hour per class. It is necessary to purchase a package of 4 classes in order to start the course. (Hurry, the price will go up soon!) The classes can be booked for fixed days and times, or according to your own personal availability (always considering the Teacher’s availability as well). Enjoy the opportunity of booking your first class free before you purchase the first package of 4 classes.

Once classes are booked, it is important to keep in mind that in the case of cancellation or change of the booking, it is mandatory to notify the Teacher at least 24 hours before the next class to avoid loosing the booking fee.

Pedagogical material

There are two options:

1. Brasilidade na Gringa has its own method, which is personalised to the student’s reality and needs. This method involves the practice of dialogue that is pertinent to the individual’s day-to-day life. Let’s say for example you are planning visiting Brazil, because you are related to someone. The common questions Brazilians would usually ask you would be “where are you from? is it your first time here? how did you meet her/him? what do you do? etc) so the classes are designed to teach you specific sets of vocabulary to help you build the confidence to express yourself in Portuguese. The classes are also adapted to your level of knowledge and fluency in Portuguese.

2. The second option is a bit more traditional because it involves following a coursebook. Some people prefer to study this way and the recommended coursebook used is the following:

by Maria Harumi Otuki De Ponce (Author), Silvia R. B. Andrade Burim (Author)

P.S.: The coursebook costs around £67. It can only be bought by ordering online and this is up to you: you could order it yourself or have BNG order it for you.

Bring someone to Brasilidade na Gringa and win free classes:

When you bring a relative or a friend to Brasilidade na Gringa, either when you start the course or later on (Portuguese or English classes), you will be granted 2 free classes per person you bring. There is no limit to how many people you can bring on board, but the new student needs to purchase at least 1 package of 4 classes in order for you to be granted 2 free classes.

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