Hi, I’m Mia! If you landed here because you are interested in learning English or Brazilian Portuguese, then let me take my time to introduce myself. The journey to learn a second language is long and requires consistency. We will spend lots of time together and I will have the role of a language coach in the process too. So meet me! I will help you to better express yourself, and to develop the confidence you need when using a second language in both formal and informal scenarios.

On this page, I will answer these questions:
– What is Brasilidade Na Gringa?
– My academic and professional experience
– Lessons and prices
– How to book a free trial lesson?

Brasilidade na Gringa is based in Reading (England) and offers Brazilian Portuguese classes for speakers of other languages, and English classes for Portuguese native speakers. My audience is mostly Brazilians living in the UK who are looking to improve their language English skills. However, gringos/as that are in relationships with Brazilians and even those who are planning a trip to Brazil, represent the other part of my audience. The more you understand the language, the more immersive and interesting the experience will be.

And I personally love it. I love teaching and helping the Brazilian community in the UK, and I love using Brazilian Portuguese to encourage connections and cultural exchanges with non-Brazilians.

In future I plan to turn Brasilidade na Gringa into a space that promotes the Brazilian Community in the UK, and more specifically in Reading. I want to amplify the voices of individuals and professionals, and bring together to share experiences and to learn from each other. Guided trips to Brazil are also part of my future plans.

My passion for teaching comes from universities studies when I was completing a BSc in Psychology. My final dissertation was on Educational Psychology, and it studied bilingualism among pre-school children, and the development of pedagogical practices in language teaching. So you can see how much I enjoy this topic!

In Brazil, I worked as an ESL Teacher (English as Second Language) at the Maple Bear Canadian School, and at Casa Thomas Jefferson. Altogether, I have 7 years of experience working in this area with children, teenagers, adults.

Having moved to the UK I worked in Sales and in Digital Marketing before establishing BNG,. I briefly taught Brazilian Portuguese for a while, but with the founding of BNG in 2020, I have finally found the opportunity to solely focus on this.


English and Brazilian Portuguese classes to adults:

We will have classes on Zoom and on WhatsApp. The rotation between these two platforms is key to an enjoyable online learning experience. Zoom is there for a focus on grammar and to expand the vocabulary, and the WhatsApp dynamic is focused on writing and pronunciation skills, as well as working with the vocabulary pertinent to the student’s real life scenarios. I will always encourage you to track your progress and to help you create the habit of studying a second language.

Online classes cost £20 per hour per class.
If you buy a package of 4 classes, it will cost you £60 (£20 off!).
If you buy a package of 3 classes, it will cost you £50 (£10 off!).

Win free classes when you bring a new student to Brasilidade na Gringa! For every new student that buys a package of 4 classes, you will win 2 classes. For every new student that buys a package of 2 classes, you will win 1 class.

Would you be interested in experimenting a free trial class? Contact me on brasilidadenagringa@outlook.com or on the contact section of this website and book one with me.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Best wishes,
Mia Lopes
(your soon-to-be-teacher!)

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